Horticultural & Agricutural Gunrapree garden group Dates Employed Nov 2011 Present Employment Duration 6 yrs Location Thailand Horticultural and agricultural development in an integrated ecosystem-oriented applications. Molecular ecophysiology (stress physiology: light, temperature, oxygen deficiency, drought, salt, heavy metals, xenobiotica and biotic stress factors) Autecology (whole plant ecology: thermal balance, water, nutrient, carbon relations) Ecosystem ecology (plants as part of ecosystems, element cycles, biodiversity) Synecology (development of vegetation in time and space, interactions between vegetation and the abiotic and biotic environment) Global aspects of plant ecology (global change, global biogeochemical cycles, land use, international conventions, socio-economic interactions) Garden/Farm-Fruit - vegetable plots - land - rice - fish - flowers, economy, etc. species. Genetic improvement and development of areas suitable for the area in January and the other regions. Project Planning Dates Employed Oct 2011 Present Employment Duration 6 yrs 1 mo Location The Individual and Its Environment Part I. The Individual and Its Environment 2. Photosynthesis and the Light Environment The Process of Photosynthesis Photosynthetic Rates ◦Limitations Caused by Light Levels ◦Limitations on Carbon Uptake ◦Variation in Photosynthetic Rates Within and Between Habitats The Three Photosynthetic Pathways ◦C3 Photosynthesis ◦C4 Photosynthesis ◦Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM Photosynthesis) Evolution of the Three Photosynthetic Pathways ◦Phylogeny of the Photosynthetic Pathways ◦Photosynthesis through Evolutionary Time Growth Form, Phenology, and Distribution of C3, C4, and CAM Plants ◦Growth Forms and Habitats ◦Phenology ◦Geographic Distributions Adaptations to the Light Environment ◦Sun and Shade Leaves ◦Species Adaptations to High-Light and Low-Light Habitats ◦Do Sun and Shade Adaptations Exist Within Species? ◦Day Length: Responses and Adaptations Summary Additional Readings Questions BOX 2A. Photorespiration BOX 2B. Stable Isotopes and Photosynthesis BOX 2C. Leaf Iridescence and Structural Coloration The Ecology of Plants The Ecology of Plants Ecology as a Science ◦The Genesis of Scientific Knowledge ◦Objectivity, Subjectivity, Choice, and Chance in Scientific Research ◦Experiments: The Heart of Research ◦Testing Theories ◦Specific Results versus General Understanding ◦Science and Other Ways of Knowing, Revisited Scale and Heterogeneity The Structure and History of Plant Ecology Additional Readings Water Relations and Energy Balance 3. Water Relations and Energy Balance Adapting to Life on Land Water Potential The Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum Transpiration and the Control of Water Loss ◦Strategies for Coping with Different Water Availability Conditions ◦Water Use Efficiency ◦Whole-Plant Adaptations to Low Water Availability ◦Physiological Adaptations ◦Anatomical and Morphological Adaptations The Energy Balance of Leaves ◦Radiant Energy ◦Conduction and Convection ◦Latent Heat Exchange ◦Putting It All Together: Leaf and Whole-Plant Temperature ◦Adaptations to Extreme Temperature Regimes Summary Additional Readings Box 3A. Measuring Photosynthesis, Transpiration, and Water Potential Box 3B. Why the Sky Is Blue and the Setting Sun Is Red 4. Soils, Mineral Nutrition, and Belowground Interactions Soil Composition and Structure ◦Soil Texture ◦Soil pH ◦Horizons and Profiles ◦Origins and Classification ◦Organic Matter and the Role of Organisms Water Movement within Soils Plant Mineral Nutrition ◦The Stoichiometry of Nutrients ◦Nitrogen in Plants and Soils ◦Biological Nitrogen Fixation ◦Phosphorus in Soils ◦Nutrient Use Efficiency ◦Leaf Life Span and Evergreen versus Deciduous Leaves Mycorrhizae ◦Major Groups of Mycorrhizae ◦The Role of Mycorrhizae in Plant Phosphorus Nutrition ◦Other Functions of Mycorrhizae ◦Orchids and Their Mycorrhizal Associations ◦Mutualism or Parasitism? ◦Effects of Mycorrhizae on Plant Interactions Summary Questions for Study and Discussion Additional Readings Box 4A. Symbioses and Mutualisms
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